vendredi 19 février 2010

Baby's Nest #6 - DIY bib, burp cloths and washable wipes (coudre ses 1ers bavoirs et autres accessoires)

I've found some great fabric during the past few weeks (thanks Agnes and So, your tips about fabric suppliers were very helpful ! And your blogs are great !), so I've started sewing bibs, burb cloths and washable wipes for the baby. For the bibs, I've followed a pattern from this quite famous book (well, famous in France) : Intemporels pour bébés. For the other things, I used simple square and rectangular shapes. Fabric : coton, polar fabric and terry cloth (organic and regular).J'ai trouvé de super tissus ces dernières semaines... [Lire la suite]

lundi 15 février 2010

DIY - Easy papercut art (créez de jolis cadres en découpant du papier)

Hello everyone !I hope you had a great week-end. For today, here's a simple, cheap yet lovely way to create unique framed art. I used some thick white paper, some wrapping paper and an Ikea frame (have I ever mentioned that I love those ?). On the final picture, you can see a ceramic elephant that I've found in Emmaüs (the French Goodwill) last week. I'll probably use it in the nursery (alone or with a plant). Coucou tout le monde !J'espère que vous avez passé un excellent week-end. Au programme aujourd'hui, un cadre original,... [Lire la suite]
mercredi 10 février 2010

DIY - Fun cardboard deer head (comment créer une tête de cerf en carton)

Remember my previous deer head experience ? Well, last week I've decided to explore the "3D side of it" for the baby's room, and I came across this great tutorial. So after a successful first try with some random cardboard, I've made "the real one" using white foam cardboard and some aqua and lime wrapping paper that matches the colours of the nursery. Vous vous souvenez de ma 1ère expérience de tête de cerf ? Et bien, la semaine dernière, j'ai décidé de tenter une version 3D pour la chambre du bébé, et j'ai trouvé... [Lire la suite]
dimanche 7 février 2010

DIY - Family portrait block puzzle (toute la famille en puzzle)

This morning I went to a yard sale and I've found some great stuff, including this random block puzzle for 50 cents. I figured I'd give it another (and more personal) look for the Baby's room.Ce matin, je suis allée à un vide-grenier, et j'ai trouvé quelques petites choses, notamment ce puzzle assez banal pour 50 cents. Je me suis dit que j'allais lui donner un autre look, avec une dimension plus personnelle pour aller dans la chambre du Bébé. So I've printed some pictures of me, the daddy, the grandparents and the uncle... [Lire la suite]
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samedi 30 janvier 2010

Baby's nest #6 - Sewing my first softie (coudre mon premier doudou)

Hello everyone ! My dear husband's had to go for the week-end, and I'm "all by myyyseeelllff !!!!" till tomorrow. So this afternoon I've had a date ... with my sewing machine ! And I created my very first softie. I'm not quite sure it has a particular pet design, I don't know exactly what it is to be honest. He's a just a funny little guy for my baby to play with in a couple of months. And it's so simple to make, I think I'll sew more weird toys very soon ... Here's a pattern, just to give you the general technique for it,... [Lire la suite]
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mardi 26 janvier 2010

Baby's nest #5 - Making a baby sleeping-bag (1ère turbulette maison pour bébé)

For safe nights, it's strongly recommended to keep blankets away from the crib during your baby's first months, and to use sleeping-bag to keep him/her warm without any chocking risk.Pour des nuits paisibles et sûres, il est particulièrement recommandé de ne pas mettre de couvertures dans le lit des touts-petits, et d'utiliser des gigoteuses / turbulettes pour tenir bébé au chaud sans risque d'étouffement. This is the 1st one that I make, and it won't be the last. I'll sew more, for exemple :- once the final fabric for the crib... [Lire la suite]
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lundi 25 janvier 2010

Baby's nest #4 - A colourful and cosy blanket for Baby (une couverture colorée et cosy pour bébé)

Look what I've been up to between 5 and 7 pm : I've made a blanket for our baby. For now, it's still "gender neutral", with green and grey fabrics (and some fleece on the back), but once the baby's here, I might add another colour (blue or pink, for instance). Regardez ce que j'ai bidouillé entre 5 et 7 : j'ai cousu une couverture pour notre bébé. Pour l'instant, c'est une version "neutre", avec des tissus verts et gris (et une doublure en polaire - c'est tout doux !) mais je pourrais bien la personnaliser lorsque... [Lire la suite]
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dimanche 24 janvier 2010

Baby's nest #3 - Making a bird mobile (coudre un mobile oiseaux pour bébé)

Hello there ! I know, I know, I have been away for a while, I'm sorry. One of the reason is that I've been working like crazy with my sewing machine for the nursery, and that also means a lot of fabric shopping. Coucou tout le monde ! Je sais, je sais, je n'ai pas été très assidue ces derniers temps et j'ai un peu délaissé le blog au profit de ma machine à coudre, et de nombreuses heures dans les magasins de tissus de Nantes (Toto, Mondial Tissu, Myrtille ...). I've had the hardest time finding beautiful fabrics that don't scream... [Lire la suite]
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dimanche 10 janvier 2010

Baby's nest #2 - Creating a pretty big nursery by transforming the kitchen ...

In my last post, I told you about our project to move our bookcase from the guest-room (nursery to be) to the kitchen. So guess what we did yesterday night ? Yes, we gave our kitchen a great makeover just by moving some furniture, and I absolutely LOVE the result ! And now the nursery looks so much bigger (this baby is already spoiled ...). Dans mon dernier post, je vous ai parlé de notre projet de déplacer notre bibliothèque de la chambre d'amis/bureau/future chambre de bébé vers la cuisine. Alors devinez ce qu'on a fait hier soir ?... [Lire la suite]
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samedi 9 janvier 2010

Baby's nest #1 - Getting the place organized (réorganiser l'espace avant bébé)

Another great thing about expecting (besides eating a bit more than usual without feeling guilty - especially when your cravings are mostly clementine/orange related, so I guess it's ok ...) is that it makes you reorganize the entire home to make room for the baby, and it's a great time to get organized and to take advantage of every inch available in the place.Une autre joie inhérente à la grossesse (au delà des fringales souvent assouvies sans scrupules, d'autant qu'en ce moment, ce sont plutôt des envies d'agrumes, donc ça va ...)... [Lire la suite]
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